Michael’s Story: How 地面上升 transformed Michael into a 他满小学 学校 Salutatorian

他满成功的故事在高地,十大网赌网址 从来没有 放弃一个孩子. So when Michael’s behavior and emotions interfered with his ability to learn at Biondi, we increased our support to include additional 地面上升 services. So when Michael graduated 他满小学 学校 as salutatorian, we were nearly as proud as his mom!

两年前, Michael had enrolled in the Biondi 学校 so he could get the academic and therapeutic support he needed to help him learn. 但他仍在挣扎. He rarely got to class on time, and behaved aggressively at home and in the classroom. At one point, he was hospitalized for depression. That led to his referral to our Children’s Care Management program, which helps families access resources to care for children with complex medical and mental health needs. 迈克尔经历了创伤, and needed on-going therapy beyond that which the school could provide. 在这一点上, the care management program connected Michael’s family to a mental health clinic for counseling.

“For the first time ever, Michael was 听到他的治疗师解释道. She worked with Michael individually and also conducted family therapy sessions with Michael and his mother. Michael learned coping skills; his mother began to change her interactions with him. Things started falling into place for Michael. 他的成绩也进步了. So did his conduct, which earned him a behavior award at graduation! Michael has continued his education at 比昂迪中学和高中.

他的母亲很感激. 她说, “自从来到高地,  Michael has been able obtain tools that has put him in the driver’s seat of guiding his life in the right direction.”


他满成功When Yesslyn came to the Biondi 学校, she was seriously behind in school and struggled with low self-esteem. She had trouble reading and retaining information, had no friends, and was bullied.

一切都改变了. She’s now at grade level in math and reading, and she credits her teacher Mr. 杰克逊祝贺她的成功. Like her, he comes from a background with great challenges. Yet, he showed Yesslyn that challenges can be overcome. Her classmates also set a good example. She saw how they could focus on working and learning, and the big difference it made in their lives.

Today, Yesslyn says: “Now I feel like I am a great person; I’m beautiful!”

Keturah’s Story: “A Nurse, Like My Mom”

“When I first came here, I was a mess! 我参加了又退出了这个项目. I was not listening to my teachers. I was running around the school, and I did not make good decisions. One day, a counselor asked me, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’我问一个护士,像我妈妈一样.

“She asked if I knew what I had to do to be a nurse. I said I had to graduate high school. ‘You know what you must do to get that diploma. You have to stay in class and do your work,’ she said. I got upset and ran out of her office.

“But one day I came to my senses and realized she was right. I went to her office and apologized. 那天我开始去上课.” Keturah is now a proud graduate of Biondi High 学校, Class of 2018.

Christian’s Story: “I’m Going Places!”

成功在他满When Christian graduated from Biondi High 学校, he was excited about his future. He was accepted at SUNY, where he planned to study new media.

But for Christian, this was a second “new beginning.” He had overcome tremendous challenges to get to this point.

Christian was hospitalized for the first time when he was 10. He spent much of his early adolescence in and out of mental-health treatment facilities and had lived for eight months in a therapeutic foster home. Christian faced family conflict at home and regularly fought with his mother. As a consequence, he fell behind in school.

然后, he enrolled as a residential student at Biondi High 学校, living at the 住宅治疗中心 on the adjacent campus.

“I was extremely nervous about coming here to 地面上升, and I didn’t want to be away from home,“基督教说. “It took a while to get used to everything. But now, I know that being here has really helped me a lot.”

With the support he received at Biondi High 学校, Christian caught up in school—enough to graduate with a Regent’s diploma. The emotional and therapeutic progress he made at the 住宅治疗中心 is as impressive as his academic success. With teachers and mentors focused on helping him work through his emotional and behavioral issues, Christian learned to cope with his anger and mental-health challenges.

Christian has developed a positive sense of self-esteem and responsibility that has prepared him to succeed. “Going to college is a great next step,“基督教说. “我真的很兴奋. A college degree can take you places, and now I know that I’m going places.”


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